What is Purgatory? Purgatory is believed by many to be a place where those who die are cleansed before they may enter Heaven. Islamic, Jewish, and Zoroastrian beliefs all have an equivalent for Purgatory.

In Catholicism, Purgatory allows for temporal punishment for sins which were not given absolution through confessions on Earth. Prayers are given for those who pass through Purgatory prior to entrance into Heaven.

In Protestant circles, Purgatory is often dismissed as not being grounded in scriptures. Protestants often do not see the need to pray for the dead. They often believe that the journey from this life to life in Heaven is instantaneous.

The Jewish Talmud tells of punishments that are temporary. This is however in relation to judgment day, and has little bearing on modern Purgatory doctrine.

Islam declares opportunity for purification for those who have “an atom’s weight of faith in them.”

While Purgatory is not expressed as adamantly as Heaven in nearly any faith, it clearly stirs questions and ideas. While we may not have all of the answers right now, we will all ultimately discover what awaits for us one day


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