Out of Body Experiences

What happens when someone is about to die. If you believe that people have a soul or spirit, then Heaven, Hell, or some other existence is waiting for them.

Have you ever had an out of body experience? If so, you are not alone. Many people, when near the verge of death and are later revived, tell fascinating stories that lend credence to the idea that we are spirit and soul at our core.

An out of body experience can best be described as experiencing the world around you, but apart from your own body. Those who claim to have experienced these feelings, say that they have hovered over their own body, witnessed things taking place in other locations, and even visited loved ones.

What is surprising is that often, those who have just had an out of body experience can provide unexplainable evidence in support of their claim. For instance, someone may recall sensitive details of operations taking place elsewhere in the very hospital where they nearly died. Others may be able to tell of overheard conversations, word for word, that were not spoken in their own hospital room.

Some doctors are quick to disregard the possibilities of the supernatural, but for others, each testimony encourages them in their role as protectors of human life.

While there are many people who falsely claim to have out of body experiences, there will always be others who truly experience something unexplainable. The evidence proves there is more at work than we can know, but knowing that there is something more excites what now very well could be the soul.  No matter the religion in the afterlife | there you will remain enternal


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