Near-death Experiences

Near-death Experiences are similar to out of body experiences, but they are certainly not the same thing. Those who claim to have experienced a near-death experience, tell of seeing a bright light, or even journeying to Heaven.

Some people may tell of an Angel taking them up to heaven, and witnessing the glories that are yet to come.

There are some people who tell of just the opposite. Some claim to have descended into Hell, or traveled a great distance across the stars only to approach the sounds of wailing and weeping. In these instances, the person usually greatly alters the very fiber of how they live life. There can be no doubt that near-death experiences directly affect one’s evaluation of their own life, and can shape perception and behavior in an instant.

Some people, who never cared about certain aspects of their life, suddenly run with new ideas in those areas. Relatives may often express that a supernatural encounter is the only explanation for the radical change in their loved one.

Why would God allow some people a peek inside the pearly gates, or a look at what could be their demise in Hell? Many who claim to have seen Heaven wish to remain, but find great peace for the remainder of their years on Earth. Those who claim to have seen Hell say that they have been given a second chance, and make their own peace with God.

Scientists cannot explain why individuals can recall hours worth of conversations and situations away from their own bodies, when they may only be legally dead for mere seconds before they are revived.


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