Heaven | questions surrounding Heaven can fell even the most stubborn of atheists.

Do you believe in Heaven? If so, can you say for sure that you are going there when you die? Nearly every person is confronted with these fascinating questions at some point in their life. They are fascinating, because Heaven can seem inherently fanciful, but somehow also tangible and attainable.

There are a lot of what if questions in life, and the what if questions surrounding Heaven can fell even the most stubborn of atheists.

Often, late in life, human pride becomes less important to people and they humbly accept the possibility of something more when they perish. While many make changes late in life, merely as fire insurance, others see Heaven as something to look forward to when their preordained time comes.

In many faiths, Heaven is a new life of reward, bought by the deeds done in this life. It is also seen, by some as an undeserved reward and restoration between God and people, paid for by God Himself. Many believe we are undeserving of Heaven because of our sins, and yet, by accepting God’s love and sacrifice, we can automatically be included in God’s family in Heaven itself.

Regardless of perceptions of Heaven, it is agreed to be reserved as the place for us when this life ends. Most people would naturally be happy to be able to rejoice in their death. It’s possible to rejoice in knowing that you lived a good and full life, but that is far outweighed by declaring your demise to be final.

Is it silly to hope for mansions of splendor when you are near death, when the alternative is apathy, to pronounce your inability to continue, that you will become as no more, as the very dirt?