WOLF PACK ATTACK pt. 2 ‘Honor Code Killer’ Series


James Stagger has no idea how long its has been since he and the other two drafted individuals were thrust into participating in an unsolicited game of death of avoiding being devoured by Timber Wolves.

The former special operative isn’t at all frighten at the Spector of being confronted by man eating K-9’s, because he has been confronted by much worse while serving in combat theaters around the world hunting high valued targets for the government, and terminating them from off the face of the earth.

Stagger recalls the time he was tasked with the mission of stalking a high value target in El Salvador, with the rule of engagement of obliterating him, and anyone who happened to be in his targets company, when it came time for James Stagger to strike to assassinate his target. Which in his line of work, was code for, leave no witnesses.

In the not too far distance, Stagger can hear the cries and screams of the other volunteer experiencing a horrible death, as he is being mulled to death by the wolf pack, as the hounds of death shred him to pieces for their consumption.

In Stagger’s mind, he and the other two guys, are volunteers, as opposed to being victims, because in James Stagger’s world, they all voluntarily made the decision to find themselves in the situation they happen to find themselves, running in the fucking woods from man eating wolves.

One can either volunteer to cooperate, or volunteer to fight back, obviously the two other guys volunteered to be mulled to death, as for James Stagger, he relishes the moment he will come face to face with the wolf pack.

On his track through the woods, Stagger comes across a half eaten deer carcass. This proves to be a blessing from Mother Nature.

With no time to waste, Stagger jumps into action utilizing his survival training. The former operative cuts a quarter of the carcass and continues to move out through the woods to take up a defensive position where he can counter attack his K-9 pursuers.

Sometime later in the middle of the federal reservation in up state New York, one of the armed individual who held Stagger and the other two men at gun point earlier before the hunt, emerges into the clearing riding a four wheeler on a trial he now finds blocked by a good size fallen tree.


The gunmen dismounts his four wheeler so he can remove a fallen tree  from off the trail. The gunmen looks around the immediate area as a precaution should this trail blockage turns out to be a weak effort to launch an ambush against him by the last guy to be killed by the wolf pack, since the remains are confirmed that only two men were verified as being killed by the pack by his associates.

Even though the gunmen feels confident that the coast is clear, he is still hesitant to be too eager about removing the fallen tree from off the trail. The gunmen slowly approaches the fallen tree, checks the immediate area around the fallen tree, he doesn’t notice anything alarming, only shrubs and debris that doesn’t look out of place, not like he would notice anything out of the ordinary Forrest stuff that looks like it doesn’t belongs.

The gunmen knows he needs to pick up the pace and try and track down the last guy, to be sure the third guy doesn’t make his way to the fence, where the ridge line water fall mark is located.

The powers to be only use the fence line as a bullshit cover story to give the hunted a sense of hope, because a hopeless person in their option will feel no need to put up a fight  to save their life, if they feel hopeless, what will stop them from settling to just give up and lie down to be mulled to death to get it over with. That defeats the purpose of the thrill, which is the thrill of the hunt


Finally, the gunmen attempts to lift the log from the end where the scattered debris is thickest. A cracking sound can be heard coming from the left side where the gunmen is attempting to lift the fallen tree.

The crackling sound is a medium size branch attached to a strong tree limb which has been sharpen to a point, similar to a spear, propelled in the doomed gunman. The gunmen gets startled  by the sound of tree limbs being snapped, the sharpen tree branch slams into the startled gunmen, impaling him in his chest area, exploding his chest cavity busting his heart, killing him instantly where he stands.

James Stagger, now emerges from his hidden location in the wood line with an evil smirk on his face.

“That was a killer tree, huh asshole?”

Stagger quickly checks the dead man for anything that will assist him in defending himself against the hell hounds that are in hot pursuit for their next meal.

James Stagger checks the dead man’s rifle, and discover that the weapon isn’t armed with full metal jacket rounds, but rather with tranquilizers. To Staggers surprise, the dead gunmen has a couple of flash bangs, which will come in handy for Stagger’s use.  The former Commando doesn’t want to put these rabid wolves to sleep shooting them with fucking tranquilizers, leaving them to rest in peace, fuck that, he wants them to rest in pieces.




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