Wolf Pack Attack ‘Honor Code Killer’ Series


The night of the wolf pack attack hunt changes everything for James Stagger, a 31-year-old Ex Special Operator from Deep Woods California. So being blindfolded and taken into captivity in the wilderness in up state New York, near the Canadian Border, doesn’t concern James Stagger one bit, because as a little boy Stagger recalls how he didn’t have many friends except for the wild animals he would hunt throughout his adventurous day, killing anything that breath and moved within his kill zone. But this situation was a whole different ball of wax.


One moment, Stagger remembers talking to a well dressed man who said he was a big game hunter, and that he was going on a hunt in up state New York for Timber wolves. During the  discussing, the subject of  wolf pack attacks takes over the conversation , the well dressed man turns out to be a top aid to state Senator MacDuff; the next Candidate for the head of the domestic counter terrorism committee for the state of New York. The state aid speaks with enthusiasm to how he has watched men in great horror running for their lives, as they try and escape the hunt of a Timber wolf pack hunting them down for the wolves next meal.

James Stagger isn’t fazed, but listens to the man ramble on about how this is a sick game of hide and seek created by men of wealth and privilege, who have grown bored with life, so they decided this type of real  life and death game will give them a sense of excitement they’ve been missing after achieving great success for themselves.

Unknown to Stagger, the well dressed man has spiked his drink with a strong tranquilizer, because the aid to the  state senator has sized James Stagger up to become an unwilling participant in the next wolf pack attack hunt tonight.These wolf pack attack hunts take place on a military Federal Reservation near the Canadian Border, this is ideal, because the subjects of the hunt won’t have a chance of running into someone in the general public, and their cries for help will go unheard in the vast Forrest of the base.

Stagger is waking up from his slumber and thinks he hears the voice of the well dressed man referring to someone as senator in the middle of his conversation on a cellular phone, but he can’t prove it – at least not at the moment. Stagger’s attention at the moment is given the the howls and vicious growls of 4 Timber Wolves, who at this time are displaying enormous rage from within the cages they happen to be in at the moment.

Stagger and two other men have their blindfolds removed from off their faces. Slowly Stagger’s vision comes into focus, and this time the well dressed man is in hunting attire with a wide grin on his face.

“Hello friend.”

Stagger and the other two men are handcuffed and are held at gun point by subjects also dressed in hunting attire.

“What kind of circus are you running here asshole?” Stagger asks.

“You and the two other yahoo’s are gong to be our guest of honor for the next wolf pack attack hunt.”

Stagger isn’t afraid, but the state senator aid should be.

“I’ll let you and your homies and the wolf pups live if you simply let me fucking go now.”

The aid and the armed men all laugh out loud at Stagger’s threat.

“You my friend, are in  no position to be leveling threats, you are about to become Timber wolf burgers.”


The armed men are instructed to remove the handcuff’s from off the three vic’s, who are about to be subject to a savage death launched on them by Timber Wolves who have been starved for a week straight, to ensure the savagery of their attack on the kidnapped men, when the Hell Hounds are unleashed on them in a moment.

Stagger and the other two victims are told that they will be given a 10 minute head start before the wolves are unleashed upon them, all three are told, if they can make it to the north ridge line 4 miles away, they will reach a fence that runs along the Canadian Border, at that point if they reach that land mark, and have the strength. They will need it, because after they scale the fence, they will find themselves at the edge of a giant waterfall. Either they jump off the waterfall, or stay on the military revervation and become Timber Wolf bait.

The hunt is on, all three men race off in a dead sprint. James Stagger is an accomplished survival specialist,  a SERE Instructor and a trained killer. With his life in danger, his training kicks in. Stagger removes his cargo belt and wraps it around his weak hand forearm, and then, removes the dagger that doubles as a belt buckle to his cargo belt.

The other two men are just running blindly in the woods, they have no idea how to prepare themselves for what is sure to be a terrible and horrible death for them both. But the upside to the wolves killing the other two, will be a disadvantage for the wolves when the pack comes across James Stagger. Because the wolves will have full bullies, which will make them lazy and slow, the call of nature has it that, the strength of the pack is the wolf, the strength of the wolf is the pack. Which means, the wolf pack has no idea that James Stagger is a more diabolical killer than the four K-9’s could ever be..


Will James Stagger possess the know how and ability that will allow him  make it out of up state New York against the  wolf pack attack? Stagger can hear the howling of the Timber Wolves in the distance, followed by the scream of the packs first unlucky vic.



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