07 | 09 ‘Culture Shock’ Chronicles

Later that evening on the Slay Estate hanging out with friends discussing the plans they’ve made for the future.“Ronnie what do plan to do now that you are a big time college graduate? Help your dad run his scuba-diving store?”

Ronnie picks up a rock, tosses it in the air watching it land back to the earth. “I’m joining the military.” Suddenly it gets quiet and everyone stares at Ronnie in disbelief. Ronnie’s childhood sweetheart is at a loss for words. “Ronnie, what did you say?”


Future Attack | Novel
Future Attack | Novel

Future Attack | The Novel

Ronnie looks up to the sky as if an explanation is going to fall out of the sky. “I said I’m joining the military, I start officer training in August.” Tammy can’t believe what she is hearing. “Do your parents know about this?” Ronnie looks in the direction of his home, dreading the moment he will have to break the news to his parents about joining the military.

“No, and as far as I’m concerned they don’t have a say about what I plan to do with the rest of my life.” Tammy is Ronnie Slays high school sweetheart. She is a Native American; very attractive and she had hopes of becoming Mrs. Ronnie Slay one day, but is devastated at the prospect of Ronnie’s decision to join the military.

“Ronnie, don’t you think you owe them the respect of letting them know what you plan on doing with your life.” Ronnie turns his head in Tammy’s direction, “I will tell them about my plans tonight after everyone leaves.” Tammy gives Ronnie a disappointing expression displayed on her face as she replies to Ronnie’s comment.

“When were you going to tell me? Don’t you think I deserve to be told what your plans are?” Ronnie shrugs his shoulders at Tammy’s statement before replying. “Not really, I’m going into the Army, and you can’t go with me . . . it’s just that simple. We’ve had an on and off relationship since we were nine years old Tammy, did you think we would walk down the aisle or something?”

It’s apparent that Ronnie’s words hurt Tammy’s feelings. “I thought maybe we would grow closer over the summer then get an apartment together.” Ronnie walks over to where Tammy is standing, takes her hands in his. “In a perfect world that sounds great, but you and I both know in a matter of months we will be at each other’s throats and the battle of the sexes would be in full affect.” They both laugh out loud.


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