Chronicles of Ronnie Slay ‘T-3SUG Operative’

Peace Through superior fire power
Peace Through
superior fire power!

Ronnie Slay just graduated from college earning a degree in Political Science, class of 1988. Hence is now at a cross roads on what he wants to do with the rest of his life. Ronnie does not want to work for some lousy corporation, working for a salary in a back stabbing environment.

Therefore, Ronnie chooses to give the military a visit to see what the armed service has to offer him. When Ronnie arrives at the Armed Forces Center he checks out each branch of the military. He does not choose the Coast Guard, because he feels like he would be stuck in the states; Ronnie Slay wants to see the world. Ronnie does not choose the Air Force, because he doesn’t want to experience combat from afar as a fighter pilot.

Ronnie does not choose the Marines, because he understands the Marines are treated like Uncle Sam’s bastards; Marines have very little budget money, and are given the Army’s hammy down equipment.When the Devil Dogs perfect that hammy down weapon system. The Army swoops back in to reclaim that weapon system perfected by the Marines.


Ronnie doesn’t choose the Navy, because their uniforms look silly, even though the Navy has the Seal Team’s, the seal’s still have to wear that silly Popeye Uniform. So Ronnie considers Navy Seal’s, Marines with the shit kicked out of them. Plus Seal Teams have only been around since the 1960’s; in Ronnie’s opinion the seals are the new kids on the block of the special operations community.



So that leaves the US Army; Ronnie knows that everybody around the world knows the term soldier. So Ronnie selects the Army, he finds himself looking around the Army Recruitment Office at posters of different Army Combat Units. The college graduate is impressed by the Airborne Ranger Poster. After watching the Ranger promotional video earlier, Ronnie is dead set to become one of the Elite Army Commandos.

  • ‘To be continued’