Finding Music Charts For What You Need

First of all, you should determine what country you want to look in, or if you just want to look all over the world. This will help you nail down the specific area and be able to base your search more according to this. Once you have the country decided, you can do a simple internet search to find charts for the area in question. … Continue reading Finding Music Charts For What You Need

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Honor Code Killer ‘The Novel’

James Stagger the Honor Code Killer A Short Story by Tom Blancey James Stagger has always hated big city life Southern California, with its unpredictable, upside down urban environment. It’s a place where Stagger always feels rage. He is the Honor Code Killer, ruthless, beer drinker with muscular arms and solid legs. A trained killer, former special operator. His friends see him as an angry … Continue reading Honor Code Killer ‘The Novel’