White officer gets probation in black driver’s shooting

Killer Cop



I was in fear for my ‘LIFE!’ that’s what they taught us at the academy to say! WTF! I want my ‘FOP’ Rep! Cuz I want to know how much time off wit pay I’ma get…Trump hurry up and make ‘Amerikkka Great again brah!

COLUMBIA, S.C. — A white South Carolina police officer who was charged with a felony for shooting and killing a black driver at the end of a chase took a plea deal Monday and was sentenced to three years of probation.

Justin Craven, 27, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor misconduct in office, multiple media outlets reported. A prosecutor wanted the North Augusta police officer charged with voluntary manslaughter, which carries up to 30 years in prison, but a grand jury refused to indict Craven. He was later charged with a different felony.

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Killer Cop
Why is this guy in jail wtf
Why is
this guy
in jail wtf… he did the same crime as the caucausian-amerikkkan cop
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I don’t think anyone of color is surprised by the outcome of another ‘KILLER COP’ getting away with murdering an American of color | it’s in the US Constitution that none of the presidential candidates speak on in public

they ‘meaning’ the candidates | do it in code | when their forefathers constructed the constitution | they made it clear | people of color | were not considered human | people of color are property of Amerikkka | who were forced to build Amerikkka by the forefathers

I mean criminals | doing this | made it clear that none of the benefits of the prosperity  of Amerikkka would be afforded to ‘N*ggers!’ | fast forward to present day Amerikkka | people of color have been so called ‘freed’ | that’s a huge lie | people of color were born free | until euopean | euopean-american criminals | engaged in human trafficking: murder: rape: terrorism: tyranny: slavery: exploration: blasphemy: & genocide: | to which most of these crimes statue of limitations have not run out

So how does Amerikkka have the gull to dictate to counties like N. Korea etc. | And donald trump can’t understand why the East hates the US | he knows | he’s just great at playing stupid | or maybe is is just another dumbas | N*gger | for those Caucasians-americans

N*gger isn’t defined by one’s color | it’s by the condition of ones   intelligence | just say’in | so now that I have cleared the air to how these caucasian-american cops keep getting protected by the justice system | it is because | it is written in their constitution | and they won’t stop killing Americans of color

Because they view people of color as property to be discarded  caucasian_amerikkkans will give up their life to save a nasty stink’in ‘Dog’ | as opposed to treating a person of color with dignity | because they are wired that way | it’s in their DNA | read all about it …. Where did the Caucasians come from?