Get The Scoop on ‘Future Attack’ the novel peak preview series Before debut in ‘2017’


Currently it’s midnight in the basement of the Georgia International Airport. Ronnie along with other recruits from around the country have been in the basement for hours, waiting to be transported to Fort Benning to begin their basic training.

After sitting and stewing in the basement of the airport for most of the day. Ronnie begins to have second thoughts about joining the Army. As he reflects to the day he told his family, friends and his high school sweetheart, Tammy Scott, he was joining the military. His friends couldn’t believe he would do something as drastic as joining the military, when he could make a fortune working for his father.

Future Attack the Novel

To say that Tammy was devastated Ronnie joins the military instead of marrying her, was shocking to say the least. Deep in his heart, Ronnie knew marrying Tammy was a pipe dream. Because he felt he was too young to settle down and be a good husband to her. He was like a young loin, seeking to roam free and explore the world. Tammy is a very attractive girl and half the guys in Helena would jump at the chance to strike up a relationship with her. Ronnie, deep down inside was afraid of commitment, most of all, he was afraid of failing to make Tammy happy ever after.

Ronnie Slay finds it ironic, that he is willing to put his life on the line to defend his country, but is afraid to put his heart on the line for the only girl he has ever loved.






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