Present Day | 04|20 – ‘Future Attack’ | the Novel Chapter I

Special Thanks

I want to thank my wife Bonnie for being my better half and putting up with me. I am a former Marine who was one of the first members of a special operations unit to prevent terrorist attacks against the Marine Corps. I received specialized training and tactics while serving with this special operations unit. Since leaving the Marines I have developed my skills in writing and decided to use it to create books I feel will entertain society. In addition, I want to thank everyone who enjoys reading my novels.


*Honorable mention goes out to

Tom Blancey*

'1980 State Football State Champs!'
‘1980 High School Football Maryland State Champs!’

“Big shout out to Seneca Valley High: class “1980!”




Secret Warrior’s

Ronnie Slay has just graduated from college with a degree in Political Science. He doesn’t know what direction he wants to take. Ronnie knows he doesn’t want to work for some lousy corporation, for a lousy salary in a backstabbing environment. So Ronnie chose to give the military recruiting office a visit. To check out what the service has to offer him.

When he arrived at the Armed Forces Center, he checks out each branch of the military. He did not choose the Coast Guard, because he felt like he would be stuck in the States; Ronnie Slay wanted to see the world. He did not choose the Air Force, because he didn’t want to experience combat from afar as a fighter pilot. Ronnie did not choose the Marines, because Ronnie understands that in the military community, it is a known fact, the Marines are considered Uncle Sam’s bastard children. For example, Marines are given very little budget money compared to the other military branches. And the Corps’ given the Army’s hammy down equipment.

Ronnie didn’t choose the Navy, because their uniforms were sissified looking. Even though the Navy has the Seal Teams, the Seals still have to wear that silly Popeye styled Uniform. In Ronnie’s opinion, Navy Seals are Marines with the shit kicked out of them. Not to mention, Seal Teams[1] have only been around since the 1960’s. Ronnie also considers Seals as the new kids on the block in the special operations community.

[1] Former President J. F. Kennedy authorized the formation of Navy Seals in 1962

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