Chapter I

'Future Attack | Novel
‘Future Attack | Novel’
Future Attack the Novel
Future Attack
the Novel

With the ability of time travel, certain world powers seek to reverse historical events in an attempt to change the future and attain global power in their favor by dissolving the power of the US. Ronnie Slay is a time travel agent for the Agency. He is tasked with traveling through time to prevent these historical reversals from occurring. In other words, to prevent future attacks on the US and its allies.

T-3SUG Operatives

     Secret Warriors

Young Ronnie Slay doesn’t notice the gold-framed photograph of President Ronald Reagan hanging on the wall. His eyes are glued to a television screen as he watches a military promotional video. His eyes are glued to the television screen where green- faced warriors[1] wade through knee-high swamp water. The Commandos carry huge backpacks and wear snug patrol caps over their tightly styled haircuts.

Suddenly the video switches to Army Rangers standing in an aircraft.  With oxygen masks covering their faces and parachutes on their backs, they wait as the rear platform opens. One by one, the Army Rangers exit the plane, jumping into the wild blue yonder. They float through the sky as a narrator’s voice explains they’re using an infiltration tactic known as a HALO[2] Jump to approach enemy territory.

The next screen shot shows several Rangers exiting a Blackhawk Helicopter. Fast Roping[3] down a large rope and landing on the rooftop of a building; lining up in stack formation[4]. The team leader steps out to place a shape charge[5] on the door handle. He turns his head as he presses a remote control. The shape charge explodes. The door blasts open; The Rangers make entry, shooting and engaging enemy combatant 3-D[6] targets.


The Rangers’ continue to engage 3-D targets throughout the building, working from top to bottom. They stop at the last doorway, the exit. The team leader utilizes his whisper microphone[7] as the narrator explains he is informing headquarters that his squad is standing by for extraction. The sound of helicopters can be heard in the distance, and before long, several Blackhawk Gunships are hovering over the Rangers’ location.

The team leader gives the go ahead for a smoke grenade to be tossed out to confirm that the landing zone is clear for aircraft extraction.

The group of Rangers head out and board the copter. Suddenly 3-D targets pop up; just as quickly – are laid down by machinegun fire coming from the Blackhawk Gunships.

The Rangers’ load up on the copter, it lifts off and is back in the air with the Army Commandos. Just when Ronnie thinks all the action is over, the building explodes, leaving nothing but devastation in the aftermath.

Night Stalkers

The TV screen fades to black. An Army Recruiter sits back in his chair with a wide grin on his face.

“That’s the best of the best. it doesn’t get any more action packed than Airborne Rangers Ronnie my boy!”

Sneak Peek of ‘Honor Code Killer’ a novel series comdo

The art of ‘DJ-ing’

Official Soundtrk of ‘Future Attack’ the Novel…Book release in 2017

[1] Camouflage paint to rid the face of oily shine from enemy detection

[2] High Altitude Low Opening

[3] Advanced way of rappelling out of a helicopter

[4] Soldiers lined up one behind another

[5] Composition C plastic explosive able to be manipulated into a shape directing the blast inward

[6] Human shaped targets

[7] Microphone sensor attached to the throat enabling user to communicate with a whisper

Future Attack ‘Novel’ Soundtrk Signle Sneak Peek





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