Long Career in Military’s Elite Special Forces leads to Killing

S.O.B. ‘Special Operator’Explore the world of ‘Secrets Warriors’

Steven Bellino was facing court-martial just months into training for a special Air Force unit after two decades in the Army Special Forces.


Long Career in Military’s Elite Spirals Into a Killing and a Suicide

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This is an example of abuse of power gone mortally south / This solider gave two decades of his life serving his country / but that wasn’t good enough for the military brass / who by the way give one another peripheral treatment / this former and now / dead service member fell for the mental bullshit / that being / the country would be forever in indebted for his service to the country / the only thing he was to the nation was a used up warrior.

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We Own the Night


ON ‘EM’ Day and a life of a 0311 grunt ‘OO…RAH!
Dept of AirSpace Force
Dept of
AirSpace Force ‘Special Operators Air Force Commandos
Along came a ‘Spider’ the top 10 Special Ops Units Lock Pop & Knock! Let God sort em out!


Jordanian soldier during joint exercise with US near Aqaba
US Trainers killed in ‘Middle East’Special Operatives killed in hornets nest of a ‘Middle East’
Beware of Da ‘Raiders!’ Raiders! Uncle Sam’s S.O.B.’s


FIGHTERThe general population has no idea what service members go through protecting the nations they love. In most cases, service members who serve in the capacity as a Drill ‘Instructor’ ‘Sergeant’ or ‘Cadet Officer’ Corps. Find it in most cases, difficult to re-adjust back into the general populations from whence they came. And then, find themselves coming across as Alpha male or female aggressive towards the community members the service member resides in. This is because, the service member(s)  is use to having their demands carried out without question. This behavior was brought on due to the service member living most of his or her life in a controlled environment, such as institution like the penal system. Which civilians who have done heavy time, becoming  ‘Institutionalized.’ Like their civilian counterpart, the service member, known as a ‘lifer’ has also become institutionalized and is stuck in that mind set.  I conclude this shocking feedback by pondering, maybe the government should provide a separation  program to start the process for our veterans to prepare to adjust for ‘Future Shock’ of a different mind set. So, AhAhAh…..Adjust!



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