NWA and Only NWA Dress Right 

It’s always kind of embarrassing when aging rock stars try to dress up. N.W.A is the exception

Source: NWA and Only NWA Dress Right for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony (Photo)

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N ever I gnorant G etting G oals A ccomplished
N ever
I gnorant
G etting
G oals
A ccomplished



White Hood
Still Say’in


So the group people love to hate | have been inducted into the ‘Rock -N- Roll Hall of Fame. So what | this is typical how ‘white folks’ try and amend for their behavior towards people of color | and I point out how black folks love to be included in ‘white folk’ venues | when ‘NWA’ burst on the music scene | ‘white folk’ own radio wouldn’t give this hiphop group any radio play | was it because | NWA exposed the violence | and corruption of the biggest street gang in america | if not in the world | that being | US Police | or better known as the Neo-Police Force | sworn to protect european-americans | on the other hand | sworn to confront | incite | and brutalize people of color | there’s nothing better than | one less NWA in the world | this is just a pathetic attempt by ‘white folks’ | to try and pacify ‘black folk’ for their obvious exclusion of people of color | in the ‘white oscars’ |on the other hand ‘white folk | are keeping consist with their dis-stain for ‘black folk’ | because | when the younger generations visit | the rock -n- roll hall of fame | the older generation will kkkeep their outlook on people of color | when the younger generations views NWA’s shrine | they will know that ‘people of color | are nothing more than | Niggers With Attitude …smh | so much for stay’in true to the hood huh | Dre | Cube | yella | & Ren | I believe if Easy-E were still alive he would have taken this moment to tell the audience ‘F*CK ALL Y’ALL! | and proceed to throw up both of his middle fingers …LMFAO! … just say’in



N.W.A. | Musical Prophets
N.W.A. Musical Prophets

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