‘American Idol’ Final Winner Announced

“American Idol” has crowned the winner of its 15th and final season. It came down to the battle of the Mississippi residents, but Trent Harmon managed to take home the most votes from the audience, scoring victory in the show’s last episode. Harmon and La’Porsha Renae advanced after Wednesday night’s episode, finalizing their spot in

Final Idol
Final Idol

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Madonna, Kelly Clarkson and more stars | children books 


I can honestly say I could care less about the ‘American Idol’ Final Winner episode. What I did find interesting, was how President Obama used the popularity of this dumbass show. To connect with the general public to encourage   and motivate participation in the voting process. And Donald Chump said President Obama was stupid…Lol  Looks like Donald Duck Trump ins’t the only one with the ability to use social media to his advantage …I’m just say’in

Donald 'Trump' Duck
Donald ‘Trump;’ Duck | after his loss in Wisconsin Primary …Lol

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