Aaron Hernandez | NFL Star | to Inmate 


Get all the details of Odin Lloyd murder and Aaron Hernandez case with this timeline.



I hope this guy | who is now an inmate gets plenty of psychological attention while he cools his heels in the ‘jail’ house ‘rock’ | this inmate was mega paid | started for an NFL Team | not just any NFL Team | This NFL Team went on to win a ‘Super Bowl’ | this inmate would have been part of | with his talent | this inmate would have most likely have set some super bowl record(s) | at minimum | this inmate would have scored a TD | I truly believe if this inmate was on the team during the super bowl | the Pats would most likely have smashed the Seahawks | now look at him | he is pitiful | lost that huge payday | no super bowl ring | lost his woman | she’s get’in broke off | most likely by one of his relatives | better yet | by one of his former New England Pats mates | the Pats are not only excellent at cheating in the NFL | so you know they cheat on their girlfriends | or wives

…Lol 08-melania-lavish-taste-380x220  This is a great example of an idiot who lost everything | hopefully he still owns his ‘Soul’ devil_girl1


Source: Aaron Hernandez – CrimeFeed

Stephen Curry is making NBA history


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