10 Amazing Mysteries that baffle Science 


When confronted with mysteries in life we are all too quick to head over to Google, or any other search engine, in order to try and find out the answer. Google itself is an invention borne by the work of scientists years and years before our usage. In that same way we have grown to assume that science can answer every question that is lobbed at us, or at least go a long way toward giving us an adequate answer. Yet, science isn’t a perfect art and the very nature of our reality means that we will always be hunting for answers. We decided to pick 10 of the most amazing mysteries that science hasn’t been able to explain. Keep on reading but be forewarned that these mysteries might keep you up at night.

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science mystery
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Source: 10 Amazing Mysteries that Science Can’t Explain | Page 10 of 10 | DailyForest


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